The Power Habits of Ultimate Self-Confidence

  • von Noah St. John
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Change just one thing - your self-confidence - and start changing everything...from your career and finances to your relationships and results.
Fact: People with ultimate self-confidence get more of what they really want in life. Those with ultimate self-confidence seem to have built-in magnets to attract everything good - money, career growth, friends, and great health. At the same time, they also seem to be protected by a force field that shields them from everything bad - fear, worry, debt, and disease. With an abundance of self-confidence, it's as if you have Lady Luck on your side, and everything just falls into place. You're happier, more energetic, and more alive. Life starts handing you one opportunity after another.
How do you go from low or moderate self-confidence to an always-glowing, positive image of yourself? That's the question acclaimed author Noah St. John asked himself years ago. After years of research, Noah discovered the power habits that would forever change subconscious beliefs...which would change self-confidence...which would change habits, behavior, and actions...which would naturally change results for the better.
In The Power Habits of Ultimate Self-Confidence, Noah St. John presents 10 audio sessions to help you make ultimate self-confidence an automatic habit you can always count on. Because once you reach that level of self-confidence, you...gain complete control of your thoughts, beliefs, values, character and actions; adopt the secrets of "the naturals" to always win at life; use the A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E method to successfully speak in public without fear; explode your productivity with Noah's proven 3D method; use Noah's popular "afformations" mind framing tool to attract abundance, end bad habits, and manifest desires; control your own "habit loop" to turn bad habits into positive ones; plus much more!
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