The Practicing Mind

  • von Thomas M. Sterner
  • Sprecher: Thomas M. Sterner
  • 3 Std. 51 Min.
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Present moment awareness is an essential ingredient in life if one expects to experience any degree of authentic peace and contentment. It has been acknowledged for centuries as the cornerstone of spiritual awakening in all traditions of Eastern thought. In the West, however, it is still a relatively unrecognized concept for living.
The Western mind is always restless, never content with the moment. Its internal dialogue is always firing off thoughts filled with emotional content and pulling the individual out of the present and into the past or future. But individuals raised in Western culture are becoming increasingly aware of their overall sense of mental exhaustion, their lack of discipline and their inability to focus on demand. They are willing to expend the energy necessary to experience inner peace and a quiet mind that is waiting to follow the direction of their will. They are realizing that the endless struggle to fulfill the insatiable appetite of instant gratification is fruitless and tiresome at best. They are ripe for a new path in life and eager for a new set of instructions.
This is the purpose of The Practicing Mind. It comprehensively deals with helping the individual understand exactly what present-moment awareness is, how we are raised in a manner contradictory to this, and how we change our mindset to make this a part of our daily living. This book is accessible to listeners of all philosophical backgrounds. Regardless of your perspective, you will find the book's insights most compelling.


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be in the now

the author does a great job here to put together lots of practical insights that ultimately serve the question on how to achieve anything you want and being happy, he shares a lot of good examples. in the end I enjoyed the book nevertheless sometimes along the way I wished it would have passed quicker, so to speak, thats when I wasnt in the now, thats when I wasnt happy with it. i should have gone slow ;)
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- Matty

Very Profound Book

Don't expect a standard "How To..." book. Sterner is not a self help guru but a man on a path to finding piece in the process not the goal itself.
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- Thomas Witt

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 12.11.2010
  • Verlag: Mountain Sage Publishing