Tiny House Living

  • von Zachary Buckler
  • Sprecher: Erik Peabody
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Build your own home with no debts and mortgages! Now you can own a house without worrying about any debts and mortgages by choosing to live tiny.
The tiny house movement is an emerging trend in architecture and home design. It has been present in the real estate market for years but has only now grown to become the latest craze in the architectural world. Many people have decided that less is actually more, and even more are beginning to downsize their living to create a more suitable and affordable lifestyle. Living in a tiny house - a house that is only 400 square feet or less - will enable you to own a house while being free from any form of debt or mortgage. Not only that, but it will allow you to have the choice to travel anywhere you want to go with your tiny home in tow.
Whether you're a fresh graduate who wants independence from your parents, a family that wants financial stability, or a wanderlust person who wants to see the world, this audiobook will help you learn about all things tiny. You will learn many things about the movement and all the things you will need to build your own house. It will also open your eyes to the possible pitfalls that you will encounter if you decide to change your living situation into a space as small as 400 square feet or less.
Moreover, this book will help you learn more about tiny houses by introducing you to a few of the early pioneers and current tiny-home builders. It covers their experiences in creating and living inside such tiny spaces. Find out more about the tiny house movement and the lifestyle that awaits everyone who decides to join this innovative and evolutionary trend in architecture and home design.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.04.2015
  • Verlag: Zachary Buckler