Why Is My Partner so Jealous?

  • von Michael Wright
  • Sprecher: Frank George
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Jealousy is a relationship killer. It is rooted in having a low self-image of oneself, insecurity, and the fear that your partner will wake up one day and realize there is someone better out there. If you are the jealous party, suspicious thoughts began to enter your mind and you begin to question your partner's action or become too needy of your partner's time and attention. If you are the one that's on the receiving end of this jealousy, it can become a nightmare for you. The constant questioning, the suspicion, and the doubts begin to erode the previous confidence that you had in the relationship, and self-doubt creeps in and you wonder if it is even worth continuing the relationship. You are at the proverbial crossroad. You need a solution if you are to continue the relationship.
In his audiobook entitled Why Is My Partner so Jealous?, author Michael Wright covers in detail how to identify and effectively deal with jealousy, insecurity, low self-esteem, and trust issues in your relationship. You will learn the following:

How jealousy negatively affects your relationship.
The many sources from which jealousy might arise.
Ineffective (or damaging) ways to deal with jealousy that can end up making the problem worse and should be avoided.
Important considerations you will have to make before confronting the problem.
Effective strategies for confronting jealousy in a healthy and constructive way.
How to build a strong relationship that will be more resistant to jealousy and other issues in the future, and;
Signs that can help you identify when your relationship is starting to become strong and healthy.
And much, much more.


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