Why Women Manipulate Men

  • von Charlize Venter
  • Sprecher: Lauren McMahon
  • 1 Std. 10 Min.
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Women have been manipulating men from the beginning of time. But the question that remains unanswered for many is why do women manipulate men? Why is manipulation such a handy tool for women to use when it comes to dealing with their male counterpart? In her book entitled Why Do Women Manipulate Men author Charlize Venter examines in detail why and how women use manipulation to get what they want from men.
The goal of this book is to get every reader to look at manipulation holistically, and then make a decision as to how they feel about it. It is not a do it yourself book on manipulation nor is it a lambasting of women for using their manipulation skills. It is a journey of introspection. Whether you are male or female, manipulator or manipulated, I know that you have given this subject some thought. Your perceptions may change as you read it. Throughout the book we look at how manipulation is achieved and why it was needed by women in the past. We look at whether it has a place in modern society, and what men's role has been in its use.
It is partly a historical walk with women, partly looking into their psyches to see where manipulation is embedded in them. As a woman, it will give you a good view into why women use manipulation; why it has been used down the centuries and where it is still used today. As a man, it will give you insight into this powerful tool that you feel is used against you. Perhaps, after reading this book, your perceptions will have changed and you will have a kinder view towards why women use manipulation.


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