Why You Aren't Rich: The Secrets Holding You Back from Wealth

  • von Paul Reed
  • Sprecher: Christopher Shelby Slone
  • 1 Std. 9 Min.
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When it comes to you and your money, it is important to remember that your income can only go as far as you can. Do you know anybody who has ever won the lottery? Studies actually have found that people who have suddenly won or inherited large amounts of money often end up losing it all after several years - and it's likely not a coincidence. In many of these cases, these people did not have what it takes to handle their money, mentally. Interestingly, people who have worked themselves into being millionaires can often incur financial tragedies and still manage to get back on their feet within a short period of time.
Think about it - if you believe that you don't deserve a lot of money, will you be successful in handling it? If you have a shopping addiction and you do nothing to overcome it, what will your wallet look like? Does your character reflect your income? The point is that your financial situation will often reflect who you are as a person - the more successful you are in personal growth, the more your earning potential can be. If you're the type of person who has the ability to exert willpower and discipline when it comes to kicking bad habits, going after goals, and being honest with yourself about your finances, chances are you'll be much more well-off financially.
The key to setting yourself up for financial success is to start from within. It is very easy to dream of becoming a millionaire, living in a mansion, and driving behind the wheel of a brand new car - but first, you must prepare yourself to get all of those things. Money doesn't grow on trees, but it does grow from desire and ambition. Think back to school when you learned about cause and effect - there is an effect for every cause - your weight is an effect of what you eat, your knowledge is an effect of your desire to learn, and your money is an effect of what you do to earn and manage it.
This book has something to offer to each and every person.


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