Thailand: Why You Shouldn't Retire to Thailand

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I didn't write this for me, I wrote it for you. Why did I write it? It was to give people who are thinking about moving to Thailand reasons not to do it.
What's the point of warning you of that, you may wonder. Well there are plenty of books that tell you to get over here. They'll tell you that life is easy, and the women are easier. They'll tell you that you can make money in Thailand, and that you can get a visa without hassle. In fact, many books paint Thailand as being a paradise on this Earth.
For some, it is. For many, it's a torture that they can't wait to escape. Some can't escape, though, as they've blown every penny they had in the Kingdom and have nowhere else to go.
This audiobook exposes the worst lie about Thailand, and goes on to detail many of the complications that retirees have in the Kingdom. At times it's not a pleasant listen, but there's plenty of expatriates who will tell you they wish they knew what they were getting themselves in for before they arrived in Thailand.
You owe it to yourself to research as much as possible, and to weigh up the possibilities.
In this audiobook, I'll throw some issues at you that you most likely haven't thought of. Even if you decide to go ahead and retire in the country, you'll be more switched on to the hurdles you may face.


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