With the Kama Sutra Under My Arm

  • von Trisha Bernard
  • Sprecher: Jane Clifton
  • 9 Std. 41 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Having been left for another, Trisha decides that the best way to nurse her broken heart is to escape to India, armed with a copy of the Kama Sutra with its promise to teach her how to seduce a new lover, train a hawk (to carry love letters, of course!), furnish a house seductively, and seduce other women's husbands (well, maybe not that one). At the last minute, Trisha is joined by her long-lost backpacking companion, Sally.
Navigating the chaotic streets of India in death-defying rickshaws, and traversing the country on overcrowded trains and buses driven by speed freaks, Trisha and Sally find themselves almost marooned in the Thar Desert after an unfortunate dog incident, almost camel-napped in Rajasthan, pursued by a charging bull at Jaisalmer, attacked in no uncertain terms by an amorous monkey in Delhi, and stranded in a flooded hotel room in sodden underwear in the middle of the night at Mount Abu. And those were the good days!



"With the Kama Sutra Under My Arm: An Indian Journey, inspires more warmth than a vindaloo. Bernard falls head over heels in love with India and her keen sense of observation might just have you booking a flight to Delhi." (The Courier Mail)


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Ignorance continues to thrive

Happy to have found an interesting sounding travel audio book I was severly disappointed. I haven't read or heard anything so full of misinformation and self-rightousness in a long time. The author puts her own - very ignorant and narrow-minded - ethics to use on a totally different culture and mentality, stays aloof and not-understanding above other peoples opinion and education and therefore misses out on the whole Indian-experience.
The story involves more readings out of history and guide books than actually something happening. And if there is something happening it's either complaints about treating of women or animals, driving around, hygiene or hotel descriptions. The description of women's roles in India is more a cliché than actual truth. Animal sacrifice might not be "accepted" by western culture - but only for the past few centuries; a few hundred years ago the ancestors of the author have surely happily sacrificed animals for whatever reason. The title of the book is utterly misleading - probably just there for the book to sell, because passages out of the "love book" are out of place and not related to the rest of the story. As if put in afterwards by the command of the editor. The book is shallow and is starting to grind on the listener's nerves after a while. The colonial point of view shared by the author better matches British mentality a hundred years ago than modern times.
Why 3 stars? Because Jane Clifton as the narrator is very good - accents sound believable and she she manages to invoke some interest in an otherwise tedious book.
Result: not really worth your money
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- museion

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 24.06.2010
  • Verlag: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd