Be Your Own Coach! Self-Coaching by Hypnosis

  • von Kim Fleckenstein
  • Sprecher: Cathy Weber
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Finding potential, developing abilities, effecting change - these are the duties of a coach. However, ultimately there's only one person that can really lead you to success. Who is it? You!

Self-coaching is a good and effective method for furthering personal and professional development. This is because with the correct inner attitude, you will be able to "move mountains" in the truest sense of the word. As your own coach, you develop inner confidence, faith in yourself, and the clarity that will lead you to a life of fulfillment. To do so, it is not necessary to know what your goal is right now. Become your very own coach, advisor and motivator with the help of the hypnosis. Change your thinking, your behavior and feelings to guide you towards success. Finally lead the life that you want to lead and discover what truly lies within you!

The 30-minute hypnosis program is aimed at adults and young adults that would like to take charge of their life and move forward. Mentally strengthened by Kim Fleckenstein, you will gain clarity where your desires and goals are concerned, and learn to make (the correct) decisions for your life and to act now. You will learn to take responsibility for yourself and always set your sights on the opportunities that appear in your life. With the help of this program, you will learn how to tear down inner resistance and obstacles and become a true "self-coach". Do not listen to this program while operating a motor vehicle or during any other activity that requires your full attention.

This program does not replace a doctor or any other medical aids. The best effect can be achieved by listening to this program once a day over a period of 4 weeks. The audiobook consists of two chapters. You can choose either to listen to the book with a wake-up phase (chapter 1) or if you wish to fall asleep just listen to chapter 2.


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  • Verlag: Kim Fleckenstein