Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

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In this audiobook, Elizabeth Gilbert paints a vivid picture of the beauty and fulfillment art, and especially living a creative life, can cultivate. She encourages listeners not to despair about obtaining a higher education when it comes to artistic living. This audiobook delves into the possibilities that await you when you decide to say yes to any idea that chooses you. She makes it seem delightfully simple to lead a life full of light and wonder to feed your soul.

The title is very appropriate as she guides you towards seeing your value and pushes you to find your place in this magically creative world of ours. She wants all people to celebrate their curiosity, interests, and perhaps latent or deeply buried sense of creativity. According to her, we are all creative, and it is very likely only our fear that holds us back from living as freely as we should.

"Big Magic" is read as a template and provides valuable lessons for unleashing your creativity. It attempts to get people back in touch with their authentic creative urges while living in a world that generally grinds away at our time and freedom. This audiobook is aimed mostly at writers and artists, but also anyone who would like to inject a little bit of magic into their lives. Her approach to creativity comes across as quite mystical, but with some rational and logical points. She encourages people to live more deeply rather than strive for meaningless titles, and in the process, rejects many artistic clichés. It is an audiobook focused on the possibility of self-actualization and about reaching your true potential. Go ahead, let go of your fear, free your inner creativity and allow the Big Magic of inspiration to influence your life in remarkable ways...


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