Get Liberated! Overcoming mental blocks by Hypnosis

  • von Kim Fleckenstein
  • Sprecher: Cathy Weber
  • 1 Std. 17 Min.
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You sometimes feel that something is blocking you internally and preventing you from e.g. overcoming your shyness, succeeding professionally, speaking confidently in public or putting a heartache behind you. You suspect that it would help you to get to the bottom of the reasons for your mental blocks.

This program can help you identify the important or seemingly insignificant event in your life that is the cause of your problems and doubts. Step by step, it helps dissolve blockages that prevent you from optimally developing to your full potential, once and for all. With this hypnosis program, you will learn to put an end to negative thoughts and strengthen your awareness of what is good for you. You can feel and radiate positive energy better with time. Because your subconscious changes your focus in a positive direction. You experience deep contentment, harmony and clarity which make you much stronger. The program is aimed at (young) adults who wish to definitively let go of mental and emotional blockages.

Kim Fleckenstein helps you achieve this by using the "timeline method", an imaginary journey back in time along the timeline of your own life. With this method, you can call up certain events that are the cause of your blockage, change them, and thus remove the feeling of being blocked by the event forever.

Do not listen to this program while operating a motor vehicle or during any other activity that requires your full attention. This program does not replace a doctor or any other medical aids. The best effect can be achieved by listening to this program once a day over a period of four weeks. The audiobook consists of two chapters. You can choose either to listen to the audiobook with a wake-up phase (chapter 1) or if you wish to fall asleep just listen to chapter 2.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.02.2016
  • Verlag: Kim Fleckenstein