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With a Powernap you can quickly regain used energy during the day. This kind of high-speed relaxation is supported world-wide in many enterprises e.g. with appropriate facilities. Though you can powernap at any location. Businessmen in Japan e.g. like to use the underground trip for an intensive Powernap.

With this audiobook you can practice and execute your personal Powernap either for 10 or 20 minutes. The main thing or the trick of the day sleep - also known as midday sleep, dozing, nap admits - is that it ends before entering the deep sleep. The cerebrum regenerates in this phase and to avoid drowsiness by controlled waking up before the SWS - Slow Wave Sleep (thus the deep sleep). In the opinion of sleep researchers the concentrativeness, the mental performance and the ability to responde increase by a short day sleep.

This audiobook includes 2 Versions. For the start you can use the 10 minutes version, in order to find into the short sleep and awake before the deep sleep again. Particularly the "not falling asleep totally" and the feeling of the correct moment waking up again is a training process.

If you got a good feel for it reaching into day sleep quite quickly or you have a little more time, use the 20 minutes version. Medical professions found out, a few minutes of restful sleep per day not only increase the efficiency and concentration, but lowers for example also the risk to suffer a cardiac infarct!


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Einfach und effektiv

Im Gegensatz zu anderen Power Napping Hörbüchern, die ich probiert habe, gefällt mir bei diesem, die Mischung aus ruhiger Musik und angenehmer Sprecher Stimme.

Die Stimme von Herr Griffiths reißt eine nicht jedesmal aus der Entspannung, in die man gerade versucht hinein zu finden.
Sehr gut.
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