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Editors Select, February 2013 - I’m going to go ahead and predict that Salt Sugar Fat will be the biggest exposé to hit the food industry since Fast Food Nation. Intelligently and lucidly written (by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, no less), this book is going to make serious waves. It’s already causing mini-waves in my own home as I frantically figure out what in the world to stock my cupboard with. In Salt Sugar Fat we meet the major players inside the processed food industry, as well as learning about all the things that they understand about human nature that the average person doesn’t. Quite simply, we are built to crave salt, sugar, and fat, and the big food companies make sure they deliver it cheaply and by the truckload. You’ll never view food - and your relationship with it - the same again. —Emily, Audible Editor
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From a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter at The New York Times comes the explosive story of the rise of the processed food industry and its link to the emerging obesity epidemic. Michael Moss reveals how companies use salt, sugar, and fat to addict us and, more important, how we can fight back. 
Every year, the average American eats 33 pounds of cheese (triple what we ate in 1970) and 70 pounds of sugar (about 22 teaspoons a day). We ingest 8,500 milligrams of salt a day, double the recommended amount, and almost none of that comes from the shakers on our table. It comes from processed food. It’s no wonder, then, that one in three adults, and one in five kids, is clinically obese. It’s no wonder that 26 million Americans have diabetes, the processed food industry in the U.S. accounts for $1 trillion a year in sales, and the total economic cost of this health crisis is approaching $300 billion a year. 
In Salt Sugar Fat, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Michael Moss shows how we got here. Featuring examples from some of the most recognizable (and profitable) companies and brands of the last half century - including Kraft, Coca-Cola, Lunchables, Kellogg, Nestlé, Oreos, Cargill, Capri Sun, and many more - Moss’s explosive, empowering narrative is grounded in meticulous, often eye-opening research. 
Moss takes us inside the labs where food scientists use cutting-edge technology to calculate the "bliss point" of sugary beverages or enhance the "mouthfeel" of fat by manipulating its chemical structure. He unearths marketing campaigns designed - in a technique adapted from tobacco companies - to redirect concerns about the health risks of their products: Dial back on one ingredient, pump up the other two, and tout the new line as "fat-free" or "low-salt". He talks to concerned executives who confess that they could never produce truly healthy alternatives to their products even if serious regulation became a reality. Simply put: The industry itself would cease to exist without salt, sugar, and fat. Just as millions of "heavy users" - as the companies refer to their most ardent customers - are addicted to this seductive trio, so too are the companies that peddle them. You will never look at a nutrition label the same way again. 
PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. 
©2013 Michael Moss (P)2013 Random House Audio
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"What happens when one of the country’s great investigative reporters infiltrates the most disastrous cartel of modern times: a processed food industry that’s making a fortune by slowly poisoning an unwitting population? You get this terrific, powerfully written book, jammed with startling disclosures, jaw-dropping confessions and, importantly, the charting of a path to a better, healthier future. This book should be read by anyone who tears a shiny wrapper and opens wide. That’s all of us." (Ron Suskind, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President)
"In this meticulously researched book, Michael Moss tells the chilling story of how the food giants have seduced everyone in this country. He understands a vital and terrifying truth: that we are not just eating fast food when we succumb to the siren song of sugar, fat, and salt. We are fundamentally changing our lives - and the world around us.” (Alice Waters)
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5 out of 5 stars
Von reineanne Am hilfreichsten 24.03.2013


Das ist ein wichtiges Buch, in dem man viel über die Nahrungsmittelindustrie lernen kann. Warum so viel Zucker, so viel Salz und so viel Fett in den Produkten ist. Wie Produkte entwickelt werden. Warum man von diesen Firmen, die im scharfen Wettbewerb um Marktanteile stehen, kaum erwarten kann, aus eigenem Antrieb gesündere Produkte zu entwickeln. Ohne Unmegen Salz, Zucker und Fett schmecken Kekse, Chips und Fertiggerichte, wie der Autor ausprobieren konnte, metalisch, bitter oder nach Pappe. Gesunde Produkte sind teurer in der Herstellung, wenn sie nach etwas schmecken sollen. Aber die Produkte sollen billig sein und so schmecken, dass die Menschen immer mehr und mehr von dem Zeug essen. Der Begriff der "Sucht" ist hier sicher nicht verkehrt, besonders bei Kindern. Die Verbindungen, die hier zur Tabakindustrie gezogen werden, sind besonders erhellend.
Ein Buch, nachdem man sich im Supermakrt mit anderen Augen umschaut.

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5 out of 5 stars
Von Blaubeere Am hilfreichsten 30.04.2013

Great education about what we buy

This is a terrific book. It elaborates on what the industry does to make food more attractive. Besides this it explains why this is the case. That means it illustrates that competition and demand give incentives to the companies. The cases that the book uses are products you might be familiar with and they give concrete applications of the principles in this book. Generally the material seems to be well researched.

I recommend this book for education about healthy eating choices.

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