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Learn the most important words and phrases for everyday situations and travelling with the audio-learning course "Hungarian for you". More than 1300 words and phrases are arranged by topic, summarised in chapters and is authentic in conveying the most important basics of the language. Thus you can concentrate on learning words and phrases from certain topics such as "basics", "travel", "bank" or "means of communication". With this vocabulary you will be able to place your order in Hungarian in a restaurant, ask directions in a foreign city or also ask for medical assistance. In addition, you will receive all words and phrases as a PDF file which can be added to your library after the purchase – to print, fold and take along. It makes learning fun and provides intensive preparation for your next trip! The PDF booklet that accompanies this selection will be automatically added to your library after the purchase.


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Absolutelly useless

The phrases are long and complicated , there is NO chance a person who has never been exposed to Hungarian or even been exposed to it forsome time (I lived there for 2 years, this didn't help a lot) can catch up with this way too long and really sophisticated phrases. I really don't understand what would be the problem to fill all the chapters with vocabulary to build a basis even more Hungarian has a prefix/sufix structure of word building wich is perfectly suitable to build the firs assosiations in the language. Which in the case of Hungarian is simply critical since it is not the language to be related to any other, neither in terms of vocabulary nor in terms of grammer and syntax.
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- Savoya

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