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Making of an Assassin Inhaltsangabe

This is the prequel to "The Hawk Series". Lane Palmer had it all, a good government job, plenty of friends and a loving family. Then, in a horrible instant, he lost everything. His life seemingly over, he thinks of suicide, but turns instead to revenge. The American sets out on a holy war of his own. Using contacts made during his service with the CIA, he searches for the five Jihad terrorists responsible for the death of his family. Tracking the killers across five continents, he hunts them down, one by one, violating every CIA rule of engagement along the way. Disgraced and sent back to Washington, D. C., facing criminal charges and possible life imprisonment, he is instead recruited by a U. S. Rangers Colonel who recognizes Palmer's unique survival instinct and deadly skills. Fearless in battle, and with no mission too dangerous, the recruit fights on risking himself and others in order to win, or die. The legend of "The Hawk" is born.
©2003 Loren Robinson (P)2003 Books in Motion
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