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Primal Legacy Inhaltsangabe

Best-selling shifter and werewolf suspense novel now with a brand-new interior design!
Primal Legacy occurs in the same world as The Regent's Gamble and may be listened to before or after without spoilers. 18+ listeners only!
Deep in the heart of the rainforest, a forgotten tribe guards their greatest secret...
Dynamite, guns, and the spread of an invading civilization are only some of the perils threatening the peaceful Wakani tribe. Another danger lurks just beyond the village boundaries, and it eagerly awaits the chance to make the whole tribe its prey.
Fortunately, the Wakani are protected by the nagual - fierce jaguar warriors given the ability to change from man to feline. Felipe is one of them, but a chance encounter with a mysterious woman becomes more than the shifter could've ever bargained for. Upon revealing his true form, the desirable young man immediately captures Dahlia's interest.
Felipe soon finds himself torn between duty and desire, but Dahlia's past makes them natural enemies. Can they overcome their differences in time to face the greater danger... or will a sinister presence consume them all?
©2014 Payne & Taylor (P)2014 Payne & Taylor
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