The Gold Stone Girl

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It's a Nightmare Inhaltsangabe

The Gold Stone Girl is set a million years in the future. The planet Earth has reformed itself into the one-continent world of Blinkin. God and his devil have given way to a new polarity - to the Night Mare and the Dream Weaver. But the Night Mare has co-opted her opposite, and she now rules the night and the day.
Into this nightmare world, where human females are kept as cattle and licensed as domestic pets - inside the stone-system designed to prevent the enemy's return - Mina, a rogue DreamWeaver, is born in the Off-grid of Winkin City. She's found inside the mossy womb of a willow tree, alongside lygaeids hibernating as larvae. Her's is a hero's journey, as she lives the life of a human-breeder, who discovers that in order to survive, she must change everything.
©2014 Nicole Quinn (P)2014 BlueBarnProductions
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