Bugging Out

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Bugging Out Inhaltsangabe

Book one in the Bugging Out Series
Get out. Hunker down. Stay alive.
It came without warning: a microscopic enemy that methodically turned the green Earth gray, decimating the food chain until only the prepared were left.
But preparation alone is not enough to shelter Eric Fletcher from the chaos to befall the world as governments fail their citizens. Seeking refuge at his remote property in the north of Montana while society devolves into starving anarchy, he finds himself facing not only the rigors of survival but also the appearance of a self-proclaimed ruler promising to set his piece of the withered world right for those who follow. Those who don't will suffer the consequences of his sadistic retribution.
Finding another survivor near his refuge, Eric attempts to steer clear of the conflict brewing in nearby towns. But soon he and his newfound partner in survival are targeted by the dictatorial leader, leaving them two options: run, or fight for what is right.
©2014 Noah Mann (P)2015 Noah Mann
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