The Keepers of Hell

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Savior Inhaltsangabe

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, sex, and explicit language. It also contains specific references to Heaven, Hell, angels, demons, and God Himself (and not necessarily what is considered true and accepted). Some of the content may be considered offensive to some listeners.
This is an introductory novella to the Keepers of Hell Series and does contain a cliffhanger.
Ash had promised himself into servitude with a demon when he was only a child. He spent his life killing for the demon, and he was good at his job. It was the only way to ensure the safety of his sister. When a brush with death brings Dr. Elizabeth Rone into his life, things change. The demon wants her dead. And for Ash, that's a deal-breaker.
He never killed an innocent soul. Not only was she innocent, but she made him feel things he had thought he was incapable of.
With a demon hell-bent on her demise, will Ash be her savior, or will she be the one saving him?
©2015 Danielle James (P)2015 Danielle James
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