Frankenstein, King of the Dead

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When the world is ending and monsters of myth and legend roam the land there is only one person the human race can count on to stand on our side:
From his fortress deep in the arctic Frank gathers the information needed to determine the threats facing the world. Contacting friends and colleagues from his centuries of life, he prepares to ride out the storm of death and chaos. But when the only person he loves in the entire world contacts him and asks for help he has no choice but to act.
What else would a monster in love do?
Gathering together the likes of Dracula, the Wolfman's granddaughter, the last descendant of Dr. Henry Jekyll, and a banished fairy princess, Frank heads off across a continent shattered by natural disasters and filled with the hungry living dead. But, even if they save the girl and evade the dead, will his team of preternatural heroes be enough against an evil from before the dawn of history - and its worshipers?
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