Sherlock Holmes Collection

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The Sherlock Holmes Collection Inhaltsangabe

Enjoy this wonderful collection of Sherlock Holmes' adventures.

"The Adventure Of The Golden Pince Nez Doyle" - A crime with no motive puzzles the great detective.
"The Adventure Of The Three Students" - The answers to a university examination suddenly disappear.
"Mystery Of The Noble Bachelor" - An ecstatic bride runs from the altar, deserting one of the most eligible bachelors in England.
"The Gloria Scott" - A wealthy landowner reads a strange note and immediately falls dead.
"The Empty House" - The Moriarty gang plots to assassinate Holmes.
"The Adventure of the Dying Detective" - Watson finds Holmes in a delirium.
"The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone" - A game hunter stalks Holmes.
"The Darlington Substitution Scandal" - Some of the most valuable portraits in England are to be stolen.
"Reichenbach Secret" - Holmes must confess a lie.
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