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Mail Order Bride: Summer's Fury Inhaltsangabe

It's 1851, and love is starting to blossom in this faraway corner of Wyoming!
This historical, inspirational Western romance and much-loved series is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this mid-18th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith, and discover authentic men and true love.
Meet Summer Percy. She lost the only family she had, there's no work to be found for her in Pennsylvania, and her meager savings is almost finished.
After her father died in a carriage accident, she finds herself traveling for three weeks by train to the tiny town of Laramie to marry the local US Marshal, which she has never met.
She meets Mary, an older woman who was a successfully married mail order bride. She shares a secret that could change everything.
Will Mr. Beauregard Kearny be all that he seems? Will he find it in his heart to forgive her when he finds out the whole truth she's been hiding? Can Summer rise above her misfortune and find true love and happiness?
Will they survive what Mother Nature has in store for them?
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