Seven Paris Mysteries

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The Promise Yposchesi Inhaltsangabe

Book One of SEVEN PARIS MYSTERIES, THE PROMISEYPŌSCHESI © 2010 PeggyKopman-Owens. Book Cover Art © 2010 Roger Kopman. Audiobook Produced &Narrated by Ian A. Miller.
Who Knew? Spies Read!
When an investigative journalist for a powerful news organization disappears from assignment in the Middle East, a sinister-looking man delivers the news to a mystery writer in New York. With escape to Europe and shadowy figures in pursuit, Jamie Litton will learn that his best friend has become more than a missing journalist. Ben Foulof has become a spy! Can secret codes, messages hidden in bestsellers keep them both alive? And if so… for how long?
©2010 Peggy Kopman-Owens (P)2016 Peggy Kopman-Owens
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