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Andover is a quiet town. No screams disturb its slumber, although perhaps they should - when the bones of the dead are taken form their graces, and the residents begin to disappear…But who could guess that behind the walls of a local hospital, a cult of inhuman bloodsuckers lurk and feed and fiendishly devise a new defense against their ancient weakness? When modern medicine teams with undead evil, only one man can stop it.
Abraham Stroud is many things: archeologist, psychic, and detective. But more than that, he's a man who sees past the deceptive reality of everyday life, into the dark shadows where the horrors of myth and nightmare dwell. His is a lonely battle against monsters no one else dares to believe in. But you don't have to believe in vampires for them to tear you apart...
©2009 Robert W. Walker (P)2013 Robert W. Walker
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