Tyler and Katie's Story

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His eyes lifted to meet mine and all my breath disappeared. I literally just forgot how to do it. "Dang girl, all those curves and me with no brakes."
He's hot, he's a rock star, and he's a whole lot of trouble. One lick of lead guitarist Tyler Cook and that's all it takes - Katie's addicted.
She jumps on his tour bus and into his life as impetuously as she does everything else, and no matter what happens - no matter how much it hurts - she can't manage to quit him.
After all, the man plays guitar like he plays women - plugged in, turned on, and set to the ultimate high. Every girl wants him but Katie is the only girl he wants.
Until it all comes unplugged and their world goes blacker than black.
Then Katie has to decide if the tormented, broken man she loves more than anything is worth everything - even risking her own life.
©2016 Emme Rollins (P)2016 Emme Rollins
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