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Fibber McGee & Molly, Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

A hilarious collection of episodes from the beloved radio show Fibber McGee & Molly
Excitable and loose-lipped Fibber means well enough, but it's not always easy for even-tempered Molly to keep him in check and out of trouble. Of course, the long suffering Mrs. McGee's penchant for patience makes it all the funnier when she's finally pushed to the point of exasperation. What both McGees have in common is that they're fabulously friendly, opening their door at 79 Wistful Vista to welcome all sorts of interesting guests, including Mayor LaTrivia, Doc Gamble, and neighborly nemesis Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve.
Jim and Marian Jordan star in this radio comedy classic, in which warm-heartedness usually wins out over hot-headedness. A safe bet for laughs - as long as you don't go too close to the closet.
Episodes include: "McGee's Fish Fry", "Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary", "Fibber's Gossip Column", "Fibber Is Too Sick for Housework", "Killer Canova's Autograph", "The Rummage Sale", "Raking Leaves", "Halloween Party at Gildersleeve's House", "The Wistful Vista Auto Show", Hiawatha", "Traffic Ticket", and "The Overdue Library Book".
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