Sons of the Oracle

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Watched Over by Dragons Inhaltsangabe

Would you overcome fear to have a fantasy of an eternal life with a couple of hot Dragon-Shifters?
Keru is an Alpha-Male Dragon-Shifter who has to share everything with his half-brother, Tru, who's also an Alpha-Male Dragon-Shifter.
The pair finds a young woman they saved from becoming a rogue vampire's victim to be more than a suitable mate for the two.
Hope is a young woman with a secret. A secret which could cause the dragons much heartache if she won't take them up on their offer of becoming their eternal mate.
The triad finds themselves very compatible when it comes to the bedroom. All are up for anything, it seems.
Only Hope has a fear of the process of becoming their mate.
Can the men talk her into overcoming her fear and her fatalistic mind set, to not only save her life, but make them a happy triad for eternity....
©2016 Diane Hills (P)2016 Diane Hills
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