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The Good Deity: Almost Countable Inhaltsangabe

The Good Deity, Book 1: Almost Countable
Mya Portman is a young deity who believes she can tell the difference between good and evil. She is confident that she can save one thousand innocent souls from an unnatural death, and she has bet her freedom on it. A thousand years later, she is still working off the debts.
Now she is given an opportunity to pay off her debts. The only condition is that, for once, she has to turn a blind eye to some cases and allow people to die. Her record suggests that she will fail to look away again. But this time, it isn't an opportunity to pay off her debt. It might be her Goddess's ultimatum.
This first installment in an urban fantasy/supernatural suspense series, filled with twists and turns, will make you question what you take for granted in this modern world.
©2016 D.N. Leo (P)2016 D.N. Leo
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