Grizzly Groomsmen

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Adam Inhaltsangabe

Maya just wasn't in the mood for a wedding. Yeah, her best friend in college had pulled out all the stops for it at this paradise destination. A remote tropical island and a plethora of available men with hungry eyes: it's enough to make a girl forget her troubles for a week. But there was something nagging at the back of her head, something just didn't seem right.
Adam was always a bit distant from his family, so when he got the invitation to his cousin's destination wedding on a tropical island, he didn't know what to think. Tons of questions swirled in his head, but he shoved them all aside for the time being. Nothing would be gained from trying to decipher his cousin's intentions, and was he really in a position to look a gift vacation in the mouth? Even a bear shifter could appreciate a little splash in the water every now and then.
After all, what could possibly go wrong?
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