Richard Diamond, Private Detective

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Richard Diamond, Private Detective, Vol. 1 Inhaltsangabe

Hollywood's beloved song and dance man, Dick Powell, turned gumshoe in this 1945-era detective yarn. At once a tough-talking detective working with police to solve tough murder cases and yet an affable crooner who ended nearly every episode singing to his girlfriend in his rich baritone voice.
Whether murder or music, Dick Powell beguiled radio audiences through 100+ episodes before the show moved to television and the role was eventually taken over by David Janssen, later the star of The Fugitive.
Richard Diamond, Private Detective became the template for many of the private eye shows to follow on both radio and television. Gritty crime stories combined with lighthearted banter and, in this case, a musical number served up a compelling half hour of entertainment each week.
A must-have for fans of detective stories and Dick Powell.
Digitally remastered.
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