FBI Special Agent Ana Grey

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Good Morning, Killer Inhaltsangabe

Agent Ana Grey (familiar to Smith's readers from North of Montana) is working on the Santa Monica Kidnapping, in which Juliana, a fifteen-year-old girl has been abducted. Grey is paired with Detective Andrew Berringer of the Santa Monica Police Department. Grey and Berringer have worked together before, and they've been doing more than just cooperating. When the victim turns up, traumatized into a terror of the world, Ana cannot help but empathize too much, viewing her own life from the perspective of Juliana's victimized one. Does Andrew have an evil side that is about to turn on her? She cannot tell. At the limits of her own sanity, she shoots him. Out on bail, she must investigate both the kidnapper's case, and her own.
© 2003 April Smith; (P) 2003 Books on Tape, Inc.
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