The McBride Romances

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Fran and Max: the Bungalow Inhaltsangabe

In the confusion, when Fran and Max escaped the clutches of the Syndicate, they became separated. Fran moved to the West Coast and went into hiding in a special Bungalow, outfitted with the latest high-tech devices designed to protect her from detection. She changed her looks and identity and prepared to quietly live out the remaining months of her pregnancy. Meanwhile Max had undertaken a three months odyssey criss-crossing the country looking for her. He, too, had changed his looks and identity, so much so that when he showed up on Fran's doorstep, she did not recognize him. In panic mode, she grabbed her gun and ran for the car. Afraid he would lose her once more, Max tried to stop her. In the ensuing struggle, the gun went off. What happens next is a roller-coaster ride of crisis, suspense, recovery, discovery and love.
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