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Dark Angels Inhaltsangabe

Alice Verney is returning home to England, anxious to re-establish herself quickly. First, she will regain her former position as a maid of honor to Charles II's queen. Then she will marry the most celebrated duke of the Restoration, putting herself in a position to attain power she's only dreamed of.But since the Restoration, old political alliances have frayed, and there are whispers that the king is moving to divorce his barren queen. Alice is devoted to the queen, and so sets out to discover who might be making sinister plans. She learns of shocking betrayals throughout court, and meets a man that she may be falling in love with. Secret plots are at play, and war is on the horizon, but will it be with the Dutch or the French? And has King Charles himself betrayed his country for greed?
Unforgettable in its dramatic force, Dark Angels, the long-awaited prequel to Through a Glass Darkly, is a feast of a novel that sparkles with all the passion, extravagance, danger, and scandal of 17th century England.
©2006 Karleen Koen (P)2006 Random House Audio, Inc. Random House Audio, a division of Random House, Inc.
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