Diary of a Serial Killer

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Just Things Inhaltsangabe

Sometimes the cravings just take over.
Jimmie Putnam is an ordinary man by any measure. By day, he works as a law clerk. At night, when he can't fight the cravings, he becomes a collector. He takes great care of his human things; buying them cherry lipstick and reading to them from his journal. When they've been on their best behavior, he even takes them out of his freezers...
Sometimes the need is just too deep.
Florel Ross has been mostly invisible since the death of her twin, who died 20 years ago at the hands of a serial killer. Obsessed with justice, Florel is willing to risk anything for the answers she craves: What goes on in the mind of a serial killer?
When the two yearnings collide, will it be justice or just things?
©2017 Erin Lee (P)2017 Zombie Cupcake Press
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