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JFK to Dublin Inhaltsangabe

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Sarah Spicer took this saying to heart, at least where love was concerned. She had given up any hope in ever finding a decent man. She was convinced they had only one thing on their minds and were untrustworthy and unfit for relationships. This was exactly why she had a strict no-dating policy.
That was before she met Collin Ross. He was handsome, successful, and possessed a refined confidence that any woman would have adored. Well, any woman except for Sarah. Her indifference toward his charms made gaining her affection difficult. But patience is a virtue, and Collin was determined to prove that if there was a man worthy of winning her heart, he was the one.
©2016 Brooke St. James (P)2017 Brooke St. James
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